Us 50

Us 50 is a grand-scale work by Gideon Obarzanek, set to an electronic score by UK musician Clark (composer of WOOF), featuring 50 performers made up of former dancers that have graced Sydney Dance Companies stage, current Company dancers, and members of thei community.

“When we speak about 50 years of a dance company we also speak about 50 years of dance making,” says Obarzanek. “What is made, however, is ephemeral. The dancer’s body… can be videoed and photographed but dance itself only truly exists when it is danced. So the history of the Company is stored and transmitted through the bodies of its dancers and collected in the memory of its audiences.”

Choreography: Gideon Obarzanek 
Assistant Choreographer: Charmene Yap
Composer: Clark
Costume Design: Harriet Oxley 
Lighting Design: Ben Cisterne