Alterum – Latin for ‘other’, steals from ancient and current mythologies of the supernatural body, Alterum manifests newfound heroes in a parallel existence that is both urgent and obscure.

Six hybrid bodies march, wrestle, writhe and fly in a collective dance that reflects the human desire to reach beyond the limits of our bodies whilst seeking to maintain the primal instincts of connection, protection, intimacy and desire.

With a bold, original score from long time collaborator Clark, Alterum celebrates the potential of the supernatural body by navigating and negotiating a meeting between hyper-reality and human-ness.


Choreography: Melanie Lane

Music: Clark

Lighting Design: Glenn Hughes

Costume Design: Alana Sargentin collaboration with Melanie Lane

Costume Realisation: Gayle MacGregor, Sharon Clarke and Frances Pyper

Photos: David Kelly