Death Peak London Session

”I wanted to design a musical space where I could playback and remix my favourite album tracks, and also create some off the cuff improvisations that I feel are an enhancing and flirtatious musical counterpoint to the universe of Death Peak.

Going back to the material has made me pick apart some of the sequences and made realise what I value most in music.
I tend to shun the pointlessly intricate in favour of the impressionistic, the visceral. I want to extend the boundary of what’s possible in music but not lose sight of the complex, emotional story telling at the heart of it, for me it’s these things that give music a long lifespan, you keep coming back to records that pull you in on a level that bypasses rational analysis. I give priority to the most child-like, pure and agile musical phrases I come up with, and tend to poke fun at myself when I get all dry and technical.

Death Peak is a riddle of these most pure and lucid moments, condensed into an enduring and continuous musical wheel. I feel I really closed the circle on this one. But then I would say that. All I can say is that I loved making it. Hope you enjoy it too.”
– Chris Clark

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